Primary Schools

Our work

in primary schools

The Lighthouse Project currently presents regular assemblies in 18 Primary schools across Crawley as well as weekly Lunch Clubs in 3 of those schools. We also regularly support children with reading and offer other stand-alone events.


Assemblies are approx. 15 minutes long and are designed to fit into your school’s assembly slot. They are interactive and usually focus on a particular Bible story that has a practical message which is relevant to the children’s lives.
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Volunteers offer their time to sit and read with children who need a bit of extra support.
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It's your move!

It’s Your Move is a transitional programme for year 6 students moving up to Secondary school. It is an hour lesson that gives children the chance to explore their concerns about moving to Secondary Schools and gives advice in how to make a successful transition. We can also arrange for each child to be given an ‘It’s Your Move’ book to take with them!
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Prayer spaces

Prayer Spaces in schools enable children, of all faiths and none, to explore questions about life and spirituality. It offers a safe space where children can learn skills of personal reflection and allows them to draw their own conclusion from the experience. A Prayer Space is normally set up in a classroom sized area and can be used as part of the RE curriculum. It can be set up for a few days or a week.
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Lunch Clubs

Lunch clubs are once a week and include interactive activities such as games, crafts and discussions. They are usually based on a story in the Bible that has an application for the children’s everyday lives.
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Easter and Christmas Explored

Easter and Christmas Explored offer children an interactive experience as they walk through the Easter or Christmas story. This could be used as part of the RE curriculum or as an extra end of term treat!
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Conquering our fears!


This assembly looks at Jesus calming the storm and how He can also calm the fears we have in our own lives! As part of the assembly we will be teaching the children the actions to our 'theme tune' -My Lighthouse by Rend Collective.

Monday 12th June- Maidenbower Infants (KS1)

Thursday 15th June- Northgate Primary (KS1 and KS2)

Monday 19th June- Three Bridges Primary (KS2)

Tuesday 20th June- Gossops Green Primary(KS1)

Wednesday 21st June- The Mill (KS1) and Seymour Academy (KS1 and KS2)

Thursday 22nd June- The Brook (KS1)

Monday 26th June- Three Bridges Primary (KS1)

Tuesday 27th June- Milton Mount (KS1 and KS2) and Forgewood (Rec)

Wednesday 28th June- West Green Primary(KS2)

Thursday 29th June- West Green Primary (KS1), Waterfield (KS1 and KS2) and Maidenbower Junior (KS2)

Monday 3rd July- Broadfield East Academy (KS1 and KS2)

Tuesday 4th July- Bewbush Academy (KS2), Desmond Anderson (KS1) and Pound Hill Infants (KS1)

Wednesday 5th July- Pound Hill Junior (KS2) and Gossops Green Primary (LKS2)

Thursday 6th July- Gossops Green Primary (UKS2)

Tuesday 11th July- Bewbush Academy (KS1)