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Christmas and Easter Explored are interactive workshops for children of primary school age. Christmas Explored occurs in the second half of the Autumn term and Easter Explored occurs in the second half of the spring term. Each class of children has the opportunity to explore 5 different ‘story stations’ relating to the Christmas or Easter story. A leader is present at each station and uses storytelling techniques to explain the events that took place. The children also have the space to interact with the story by doing something practical, such as writing down their hopes and dreams on paper palm leaves in relation to Palm Sunday.

These lessons are normally an hour long and either take place in school or at a local church. The lessons end with a song and the children are offered an age-appropriate booklet about Christmas or Easter to take home with them.

We have also been working on a Jesus Explored workshop, so watch this space... 

A Christmas Explored video resource was made last year so that schools wouldn't miss out despite the lockdown!